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Monday, October 29, 2012

YouTube SEO - Top On page & Off page Ranking Factors For Your Video SEO

Hey Friends!

It's Aaron here & I just wanted to talk a little about YouTube SEO or the most important ranking factors that Google/YouTube uses to rank your videos, which will overall help you to get more traffic to your websites. Below is a list of important things that you must do to get your videos visible and ranking to the top of both Google & YouTube:

Top 5 Most-Important Ranking Factors:

1. Main keyword phrase in the Title of the video.
2. Main keywords in the Description of the video.
3. Main keywords in the tags of the video.
4. How many embeds that your video gets on other sites (basically counts as back links).
5. Main keyword phrase as an anchor text link pointing back to your video from another site.

More Important Ranking Factors:

6. The total views the video has (the higher the better).
7. The total number of playlists that your video gets added to.
8. The total shares your video gets.
9. The total likes & even dislikes makes your video ranking go up.
10. The higher number of Subscribers your channel gets increases your trust with YouTube for each new video being uploaded each time.
11. The higher the number of comments that your video gets, the better it will rank.
12. The total number of channel views.

The 1st 5 are the most-important factors that you need to go by first & then the rest you should begin to focus on thereafter.

I hope that this gives you a better understanding of how to get your YouTube videos ranking to the top of both Google & YouTube & you won't have to ask how to do " Video SEO " anymore! It's time to get to work now!

Aaron Esteban

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