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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tips From The Best SEO Expert On The Planet David Jenyns!

So I decided that I would contact David Jenyns the other day just to hear what he had to say about the latest SEO Methods out there. I wanted to hear his honest opinions about the changes that Google has made with post Panda & Penguin updates. He decided to reply with his own personalized audio recording which is very concise and to the point. So I've decided to give you guys this vital information from which many consider him to be the best SEO Expert in the world, David Jenyns himself. Here was my short interview questions:

Hey Dave, I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind giving the help:

1- Would you say that things have changed or is it still the same exact concept that you described in this video, post Panda & Penguin? Has anything changed in other words?

2- Sounds like basically what you're saying is that we should get high relevant PR backlinks to our site. I've heard other so-called SEO experts say that we should be more-so focused on getting relevant topic backlinks than worrying about the high PR backlinks. I think that it's probably both, but getting both isn't always that easy. What's your say on this?

3- What do you think about spun articles & submitting them to directories? Do you think that we should spin our articles & submit them or do you think that we shouldn't spin articles?

I would really appreciate your advice on these few questions.

Thanks David

- Aaron E.

Here's David Jenyns audio reply:



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