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Monday, March 30, 2015

Keyword Trends Finder v1.0 - FREE Google Trends Tool!!!

 Keyword Trends Finder v1.0 - FREE Google Trends Tool!!!

Hey folks! Aaron Esteban here & today I wanted to talk to you about this neat little keyword tool that I designed the other night to help you with finding the "Top Searched Keywords" in your market. This tool will DEFINITELY help you with your keyword research when you are looking to get traffic to your videos, websites or blogs, etc.. "Keyword Trends Finder" helps you compare the "Top 5" keywords that you entered into the program by showing you which keywords are most popular for your niche.

So all you have to do is enter in the "Top 5" keywords that you believe are the most searched keywords for your market, click the "Find Trends" button & this tool will quickly open up Google Trends to show you all the search query data for each keyword. Google Trends will tell you which keyword is the best out of the "Top 5" keywords that you just entered into the program. So let's give it a quick try!


So you can see in this video that "Keyword Trends Finder v1.0" is SUPER FAST, EASY, & makes searching the Google Trends tool a piece of cake! You DON'T have to manually open up your web browser, look for the Google Trends tool in Google, enter the top 5 keywords (again, manually), and click their search button....this tool will do ALL THAT for you!!!
Keyword Trends Finder v1.0 is COMPLETELY FREE to download & use!!!
Google Trends Keyword Tool - Desktop Application
Google Trends Keyword Tool - Desktop Application!!!

To who & where should I send the download link to???

Keyword Trends Finder - Download Now!!!



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