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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[GET] Aaron Esteban Email Extractor v1.0

Hi Folks!

Aaron Esteban here and today I just released my all new email extractor/email harvester/email parser/etc./etc.! This cool tool will help you to collect email addresses relevant to whichever niche that you decide to get into! Let's say that you want to extract email addresses that relate to a basketball niche and you have a message that you'd like to send out to basketball players who have left their email addresses behind, "Aaron Esteban Email Extractor v1.0" will help you to collect all of these prospects so that you can send them a mass newsletter!

Some will say that such a tool is blackhat, but you are allowed to legally contact these individuals as long as they have left behind their email addresses for you to contact them. Also, you will need to check over the CAN-SPAM law. It clearly says that you can contact people as long as you leave behind all of your contact info and your email content doesn't contain any commercial message.

Screenshot 1 (Actual size):

Screenshot 2 (Illustration):

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This tools is NOT to be used for spamming recipients inboxes! Make sure to check over the emailing laws so that you do not get yourself into trouble by using this tool...

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  1. nice tool i have used Ace Email app which u have made its was awesome ....Thanks for that.. plz when download link comes plz email download link to me thanks


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