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Friday, September 7, 2012

Make Money Online For Newbies - White Hat SEO

Hey Folks!,

It's Aaron Esteban here and today I decided to write a few quick tips that I believe can be of some help to you. I know SEO and because of SEO, I am able to make a consistent income online.

Here's a few quick tips to help you out with your SEO and getting back on track after both the Google Panda & Google Penguin updates:

     1. Make sure that you fully understand how to do your keyword research and competition analysis. Make sure that you are in a high search demand or hot market and targeting the right keywords for your site.

     2. Always (AND I MEAN ALWAYS!) make sure that you stay white hat with your SEO. I say this because Google is getting smarter and you will always stay on good terms with Google if you abide by the rules (all they ask is for quality/unique content & that's NOT too much to ask for by them). Not only that, you'll begin to see how everything ties-in when you stay white hat and how everything starts to work out. So you ask, "What is white hat SEO?". White hat SEO in this case is very simple to understand. All it means is that you always create unique, and quality content for your website. I don't care if you have to outsource your articles, but just make sure that you are consistently adding unique/quality content to your site. I would also add YouTube videos as well, because this will be a whole new source of traffic in itself.

     3. Make sure that you find that one good niche that you're passionate about because this enables you to quickly and easily create quality content for your blog/site (if you enjoy what you're writing about, then you'll definitely get more done while you're enjoying it at the same time). Also, make sure that you stick to one niche at a time or until it starts to bring you the type of income that you feel is good enough, and then you can move on to the next niche. DO NOT TRY TO RUN TOO MANY SITES AT ONE TIME BECAUSE YOU COULD BECOME OVERWHELMED IN THE BEGINNING!

I hope that these few tips can be of some value to you. I can say that by following these simple principals, you will begin to drive traffic to your pages and make an income...

- Aaron E.



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